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I wrote a post (Spanish) a few weeks ago talking about the main profiles involved in a common development cycle and my conclusion was that the most you know about your development environment, the best for your team.

But how can we talk about what we are doing to the outside world? How can we explain in a common point of view to our friends, our family, or better, to our beloved recruiters, what exactly are our jobs? I’m pretty sure you know what you have to do everyday at your office, but when someone outside your circle asks you:

What’s your job?

What exactly is your answer? Maybe you’re a developer, or a programmer, or maybe a coder. Other terms I usually see when I talk to people or receive emails are Software Engineer, Software Architect, sometimes it become more precise, like Backend Software Developer or things like that, and when the hype is really up, then the Software Craftsman appears. ;)

There are roles in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey of 2016 I can’t even think someone will ever use to describe itself, like Ninja, RockStar or Guru.

I’ve been searching for jobs offers I’ve published myself in the past few years, and I use roles like Analist Programmer, which in Spanish sounds a bit better (but not too much now), Frontend Developer, which fits in the “precise” group, or “UI/UX designer” in the design area (another universe of role names).

I’m not sure if having a more structured naming role system will benefit us at all, but I just found it as a curiosity about our profession. So tell me, which position appears in your current email signature?


Doing a bit more reasearch, it seems there are a clear advantage: prevent the misunderstanding of the role main resposabilities. Sanford Dickert explains it very well, but in the CTO/VP of Engineer area.